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It’s one of the worst feelings in the world when you absolutely HAVE to get up for something but a kitten has fallen asleep on your lap

topical post is topical

topical post is topical

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But Still Won’t Be Ginger

(I am a transgender man. I have very recently started to transition. I am discussing the haircut I want with my friend. We are both huge fans of Doctor Who.)

Friend: “You’ll look like a completely different person.”

Me: “Yeah, I know. It’s— oh, my god!”

Friend: “What?”

Me: “I’m gonna regenerate! That is so cool!”

Friend: “Woah…”

(And from then on, my transition was known as my ‘regeneration’.)

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The problem with looking for a muse to play a 24-year-old character in my head is that 24-year-olds in real life all seem to look like teenagers

IF ANYONE IS CURIOUS: Heroes of Cosplay will *NOT* be filming at A-Kon 2014! There have been some rumours flying around, and talk of a boycott of the cosplay contest. Don’t worry, a boycott is pointless because HoC were never going to be there to begin with.

*continues digging*

Aha! Bill Skarsgård! That’s whom I can use as inspiration for Theo Koenig!

Wait, he’s 6’3”? Crap…

I am not a sexy enigma. Nobody has ever gazed longingly into my eyes and said “I want to find out what makes you tic.”

…because they already know it’s Tourette’s syndrome.

Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo -

Walp, time to invent Shatterdomes and giant robots and have Shingeki no Kyoshinhei.



If Shuna from Elfquest ever gets cancer, she doesn’t have to worry. Her elf-friend can easily cure it. You know, Kimo-therapy.